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October 2010: Building Completed!

inside buildingchildrenFollowing the completion of the building and the children moving into their new home in September 2010, 4 of the Trustees – Lynn, Joan, Maggie and Nancee, visited the LCC in October 2010. They were thrilled to see the children so happy and were delighted with the standard of the construction. They had a chance to personally thank the architect, Mr Samson Devadason, and the contractor, Mr Stephen Devadason and to identify and discuss further improvements now the children are actually living there.




The Trustees were treated to a wonderful concert given by the children and had the chance to play some very strenuous volleyball, football, badminton and other games with them. 

April 2010: The building work progresses...


After a slow start to the project, the construction phase finally started in November 2009. A wetter than usual monsoon season delayed things further, but the contractor has caught up on progress and as of today almost 30% of the construction phase has been completed.


We are hoping to complete the project by August-September this year. The project was initially started in late 2008 but the construction phase was not started until the trustees were certain that the building design was optimised and were confident with the architect and contractor chosen.        


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November 2009: The building has begun...

Friends of Cherishindia,

On behalf of the trustees I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support ove r the last twenty months. Without you there would, without doubt, be no hope for the future of 150 orphaned children to move into the safety of a purpose built orphanage in Kancheepuram, South India. It has been a long time in happening, with a few hiccups and setbacks along the way, however, at last our dream is about to become a reality.......the building has begun!